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Re: Breaking the will of the ego.

Our aikido class yesterday evening was specially prepared by our teacher, a simple man with very deep thoughts. We had arms, so he tolds us to form groups, one with a jo like a billard player and the rest of the group the balls, one the white ball, he had to hold a protection on his back because the one with jo would push him against the others, all the balls must close their eyes and just let him push, just be relaxed and mute.We changed everybody was once the billard player and also the white ball. The sense for this play was to practice distance and also to understand nobody is better than the other.
After that funny play he also told us that perhaps next time we all will be frogs and will jump like them and if anybody doesn't like to be a frog, he can sit down in a corner and be the scientist who studies the frogs.
I hope you will understand the sense in this thread .
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