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Re: The Great Non-Issue

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
I guess I don't see it as my or anyone else's responsibility to change the minds of ignorant people. There is truth that is plain to see; some people will see it sooner and others will see it later, but in the end, there's no denying it.
I strongly disagree. Fighting bigotry is everybody's responsibility and what I would consider one of the most important positive actions anyone can take in society.

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
I repeat, I'm not talking about sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has no place in the dojo or anywhere else in human society. I'm talking about men who are afraid to associate with homosexuals because they fear they might get asked out.
If they're afraid to simply associate with homosexuals and there happens to be a homosexual in my dojo, then I would tell them to get over it or leave. Same for someone who is uncomfortable training with people of the opposite sex, of different skin colour or of different cultural or religious background.

Jonathan Olson
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