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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Ahhh, I must be missing you, it's love ha, ha. If you are a control freak then it was directed at you and whoever else. If you are not then it wasn't. If I am then it's against myself. As I said, its a generality. You my friend may see it or take it personally, it's up to you.
No, I don't take it personally, by any means. I took it as an attempt to slur and minimize the importance of IP training by Dan and others who talk about it, including me to the degree that I actually represent any depth of IP, which is not far. But I have felt it and can at least compare it to the many kinds of ordinary aikido I have experienced and I can say certainly that what Dan and Ark teach is definitely far beyond the level of most aikidoka I've ever met.

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Nice story about mongolia etc. Nothing to do with what I said but nice nonetheless.
Yes, it was directly related to what you the sense that it disproves your claim entirely. Mochizuki was known as a physical player and he had master level rank in several Japanese arts. But his work in the ordinary world was always to protect the people. In this case, he was put "in charge" of a huge chunk of Mongolia and those people became "his people" to protect. And I described that how he did it was on a barely-visible level, requiring very little physical effort and for the most part prevented fighting. And since you clearly can't understand that as high spiritual refinement, I guess you are thinking that spirituality is only having visions and being nice.

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Your 'lil' hitler friend sounds quite cute. Met many like him and like you. What's the big deal?
No, Graham. You have never met anyone like me.

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You don't know what spiritually free means you say and that's obvious and rather accentuates my point.
No, dude. I know what spiritually free is. I am spiritually free. The question is what do you mean by the term? I can't find anything in your words or actions or in the videos of yourself that indicates that you understand.

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Maybe I should just call them 'body fixated' people.
The term you're looking for is budoka.

There must be a translation somewhere....


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