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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
The attempts to shut people down that can do what they do in Aikido is obvious. Maybe a threat is perceived. The response seems over the top to me.
Hi Mary.
From what I read on this forum before it seems I missed some phenomenon that happened a few years back and I've heard it referred to as the Ki wars.

On this forum and in the field of Aikido that has never changed and perhaps never will.

My basic view is as you no doubt have heard before that Ueshiba was a very spiritual man who realized the spiritual cause and ways of things and could demonstrate that via Aikido, saying it is merely a manifestation of such.

Beyond that however and the main point I would like to make is that thereafter as Aikido devloped and spread you ended up with two main types. One type emphasized the spiritual or Ki aspects and the other emphasized the physical.

So it appears came about the strange phenomenon of the Ki wars.

The major factor for me is more to do with the type of people each side attracts.

Ki Aikido and and offshoots like yours for example tend to attract more spiritually free people, it resonates more with those kind of people.

The more physical emphasized styles tend to attract the more fighting kind of people.

Thus the physical tend to see the others as weaker and the more spiritual tend to see the physical as brutish and stupid.

These are nice generalizations put simply but I think they will resonate with some.

The problem on the Ki side of things is that by attracting such people the down side is you get a lot of airy fairy unreal folk practicing in various places. It goes with the territory. Now those from the other side of this equation jump on that and hold them up as prime examples, you know the scene.

Now on the other side of the coin you have the problem with the fighting side. The downside here is that it also attracts the control freaks, the mini despots.

Each side has thus it's downside.

Actually now, with I/P you have an influence which will probably atrract both airy fairy and control freaks as it's downside.

Like bad weather it is something you can complain about ad infinitum but you will always get it so it's best to learn how to enjoy it I say.

Just my thoughts.