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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I do not present myself as an Authority on I/P. Therefor if you continue to act and speak as if I do then it is you not I who is carrying on regardless.

Who started this thread?

Who asserted in the first post:

"I/P is given as tracing from chinese this and that and seen as being 'hidden' from the western or even those outside certain inner circles. This may well be the case in a lot of instances but the paranoia that goes with it I find amusing. Firstly because I think it doesn't apply to Ueshibas Aikido and secondly because it is possible for most in this day and age, if they are dedicated enough to go and find a good teacher of such things.

So what's the big secret? Nothing."

You conclude here that it really amounts to Nothing. You assert that you know this and in other threads you have asserted that you have met many people with internals and that you understand and do the internal aspects of aiki. Further, you know enough about the spirituality of aikido to say authoritatively that IP is not related to spirituality, that the in/yo ho has no bearing on Japanese concepts of spirituality and that the Chinese paradigms of balancing yin and yang in the body, along with Ueshiba's extensive comments on balancing in/yo (yin yang) in the body are not related to that.....

I don't know. Is there some way we can poll the membership? I think you'll find that most people here perceive your statements to mean that you do understand and practice IP.

Show of hands?

Just sounds like what you're saying and I think most people perceive you to be saying that.



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