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Re: Vantage points

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
1. Chris teaches the skills that made Ueshiba a his kids!!!!!!!
2. Chris learned internals from an internal "expert" a year!!!!!!!
3. Chris said "This stuff is easy and it is already taught in good Aikido."
4. Chris keeps asking what a
5. Chris says....I....sound suspicious.

1- Every Aikido school on earth (that has a kids class) teaches Ueshiba's skills to kids. That doesn't mean they are making kids into Ueshiba, it simply means they teach those things to kids.

2- I never said I mastered internal martial arts. I never said I'm the most fantastical super guy, I simply said I got the general idea of internal in a couple of years. I'm still working on those things, I didn't "become and expert" in a year.

3- The stuff that I think is important is available in most all Aikido schools (at least the ones I've been to). I don't know why this is a strange thing to say, that is what Aikido schools are trying to do, offer Aikido.

4- I have yet to hear how anyone means that more power comes from your dantien than from anywhere else in your body. Seems to be a key part of many IP peoples theory of use, yet I'm still not sure what they mean by it. I don't understand so I ask.

5- I'm suspicious of lots of things, don't take it personally.

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