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Re: What is a Martial Art?

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Don't you have any Certificates? Is there not a governing body to say who can and who can't teach!
therefore it has to be approved, and therefore is officially recognised
I could set up a governing body of Jim-do this afternoon. How official does that make it? Certificates can be worthless outside of the organisation that issued them (and sometimes even within them), and governing bodies can all too often be more an expression of ego than anything else.

For example, I was awarded my karate shodan by an organisation affiliated with the JKA (the Shotokan equivalent of the Aikikai in Japan). Some years of internal JKA arguments later, my certificate was regarded as being from the "wrong JKA", according to the KUGB, and if I wanted to be regarded as a black belt I would have to regrade. Suprise, surprise, that was going to be quite expensive :-)

Such splits are endemic in all the martial arts. So you should view governing bodies with a jaundiced eye, and not place too great an emphasis on certificates, IMO. It's much more important to get a good teacher than a piece of paper or a different coloured belt.
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