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Re: Ukemi, the hard way.

[quote=DaveO]'Allo, all!

One of the things I like best about Aikido is the ukemi - Dunno why; I'm just weird that way. Well; as we all know, rolling and breakfalling our way around the mat is great, but it takes on a whole new meaning when the surface is less than spongy. During my progression; I've been attempting to teach myself to roll on progressively harder surfaces - comfortably rolling on concrete being the ultimate goal. I started on the mat of course; moved to grass, then sod, then wood. Recently, I've started rolling on asphalt - still a fairly soft material under the summer sun. Whacked my ankle a couple of times but overall I'm pretty pleased with the results. Question: Is there anyone out there comfortable with rolling on hard surfaces and if so; how did you go about training yourself? Any particular practice techniques or ideas you've come up with? Anyone think it's a bad idea?
Just for myself; I think ukemi is extremely important, and learning to roll on hard surfaces is a valuable tool for aikido as Self Defence, since when an encounter happens; it's not likely to happen on two-inch tatami mats.
my instructur say "if you good at ukemi in mat how bout ukemi in hard surface?" i 've try to ukemi out side mat and i got bruises all over my body!! but now i can ukemi with out mat without bruises now we train without mat
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