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[Videos] Little pearls of wisdom

I want to open this thread to post aikido videos which explains some aikido related stuff in a simple, short and memorable way.
I don't want this becomes a flaming thread discussing about styles and things like that. I just pretend that people post some videos where they believe that have found what it means to them a little pearl of wisdom.
It could be a good idea following this format:

[Title] [sensei if known]
[Video link] [start-end]

Me first

Walk as breaking popcorn with your feet! - fire walking (Koichi Barrish) [01:12 - 2:46]

Light grab? Bring is back forward! (Kevin Choate) (00:00-03:00) Full video is interesting.

Engage the full body!, one thing moves, everything moves! (George Ledyard) (00:37 - 01:45)

Push with spiral movement! (Yoshi Shibata) (00:00-02:50) + Aiki Age, Aiki Sage explanation (02:50-)
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