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Re: Can different Aikido Schools crosstrain?

David Yap wrote:
Hi Koren,

A.Just like in any BIG family, sometime Uncle Ray is not talking to Uncle Ju; dad refuses to have anything to do with Auntie Mille in mum's side of the family; mum is not talking to grandmum, etc.

B.We kids do. Of course, we don't disclose to our parents.

C.Some (but not all) of our parents threaten to disown us if they found out that we have been mixing with the "bad" relatives.

D.The smaller the community, the BIGGER the differences

E.This, IMO, is a very sound advice. But I would think twice about the "final say" part

Best training

David Y
A. Ok, Sure this is a problem. But if both Uncle Ray & Uncle Ju admit both existence and perhaps some non-verbal conversation, I think the children can play around.

B.Mmm...No even sure the parents really want to know. Unless you are something...BIG.

C. My bad. Don't Aikido-ka talk about Harmony? Such an action seems strange to me. It just like whether an apple is edible by red or green color. Besides, C. contradict A. Big Family can't dislodge each other or there will be no family altogether.

D. Well, Yeah. It stands at everywhere, any type martial art school. Just have a look with your Karate friends. Search Goshin-ryu and Isshin-ryu as keyworld.

E. Final Say? I will prefer "my decision entirely with respect of my sensei's reasonable view and acknowledge him beforehand."
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