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David Yap
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Re: Can different Aikido Schools crosstrain?

Hi Koren,
Koren Ko Jen Foo wrote:
Well, since Aikido is such a big family.
Just like in any BIG family, sometime Uncle Ray is not talking to Uncle Ju; dad refuses to have anything to do with Auntie Mille in mum's side of the family; mum is not talking to grandmum, etc.

But often different aikido school trainees don't cross-train.
We kids do. Of course, we don't disclose to our parents.

Or on what condition someone will/can train other school?
Some (but not all) of our parents threaten to disown us if they found out that we have been mixing with the "bad" relatives.

Especially if the Aikido community is small and not the most popular of a place.
The smaller the community, the BIGGER the differences

Clark Bateman wrote:
My suggestion, which is as much a matter of respect as anything else, is to ask your instructor for his/her opinion on the subject prior to establishing other training relationships. You, of course, have the final say.
This, IMO, is a very sound advice. But I would think twice about the "final say" part

Best training

David Y
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