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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

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Central pivot is just part of "first step" model allowing people to identify and retrain their bodies. I expand on that with exercises to free up the waist from the hips. These are part of a series of martial movement rewiring drills that we do along side of IP training. As the mind / body connection grows, it leads to more advanced training later on. When the internal and external match and move together it becomes a very potent mix.
As far as pivoting goes; producing dual supported spiral paths through your center makes any idea of pivoting axiomatic. They exist everywhere, instantly and reverse at will.
questions. according to chinese IP lore(s), one should keep shoulders and hips aligned when one moves, to free the waist from the hips, wouldn't that put shoulders and hips out of alignment? or am i missing something? or are you saying, at advance level, the shoulders and hips alignment isn't necessary? still sloshing through this IP mud, because i was thinking, if you free the waist from the hips, wouldn't that put a tremendous torque through the lower spine? where lots of your energy spent on lateral stabilization and force neutralization?

dual spirals, one up one down? or somewhere else?
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