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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Good thread...nice to see this type of serious respectful dialogue again here...

I very much agree with Chris on this one. As a person of color I had felt unwelcome in certain dojo when I first started training (now I could care less. I consider that a management issue. I certainly wouldn't have attended special Persons of Color classes or such.
Also at my dojo we've had several women come with the intent of pursuing aikido. None of them stuck with it. The reason they gave was that the training was too hard on them, not that they felt uncomfortable or intimidated.
Personally I think they key is to target a younger demographic while they're open mentally and physically confident. This goes for both males and females.
And I'd like to know what is the goal of an all womens class? Is it simply to increase female enrollment? If so, why? How does simply have more of X benefit the dojo or training? I simply like to have more ‘bodies' to train with. Hopefully they're cool people as well.
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