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I reread my post, and surprise surprise, it didn't come out like I wanted it to. I've never been so hot conveying ideas over the internet.

Yes indeed, my intents here might be a bit on the dark side, but I'm not suggesting imposing enlightenment on anyone or going around and beating people up during their first class. I'm actually thinking about an instance where a good friend of mine who is versed in a few striking arts came to our club to check out aikido. He got his rolls down relatively quickly, but his skepticism of alot of the techniques was pretty evident. Since he was always trying to get me to spar with him from time to time outside of class, I thought that it would be alright to play around with him after class. We were working on shomen uchi kokyunage, and I encouraged him to come in harder than we had been in class. He agreed and to my admitted surprise I pulled off a nicely executed kokyunage. The looks on both of our faces had to have been nearly identicle. No one was hurt, and as I read often on this forum both of us learned something so could it have been that bad?

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