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I practice mostly at a university club, with a high turnover, so needless to say I work with a lot of really green aikidoka, not that I'm not so green myself.

That said, I've found that some newbies are reluctant to roll for some techniques, mainly timing throws like a kokyunage or a zenpo nage. I try to explain to them that it is very important to learn to take effective ukemi before you will ever progress as an aikidoka. But oftentimes the energy is just not there for me to make one of these techniques "work," usually when the attack is uncommited which I see especially in techniques invlolving wrist grabs.

Has anyone ever felt that it would be appropriate to really dump such a character on the mat as a learning tool of sorts? I mean, the tatami are padded after all, right? I would never throw a beginner into a breakfall or anything like that, but under the right circumstances does anyone think that it might be useful to the new uke to really come in full force and hit the mat full force to stress the importance of training one's ukemi, even during slowed down techniques?

Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks.

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