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Opher Donchin (opherdonchin) wrote:
I think this is because in Aikido we have a harder time separating our purposes and goals from the purposes and goals of the uke and nage roles that we inhabit. The roles we 'inhabit' in dance are less purpose-filled and so our own needs and desires come more easily to the fore.
Yup. Maybe it's time to start blurring the "purposes" behind the roles of uke and nage?

For me, at least, I'm really beginning to see that there really is no difference between uke and nage. Since the same principles underly both roles, I think it's counterproductive to be "different" as uke as one would be nage. After all, the roles of "uke" and "nage" are very much just artificial labels assigned to facilitate some of the training aspects (eg kata) that we perform in aikido.

It's interesting to see, for example, that many people who are resistant/reluctant to move as uke also have the same traits as nage. I very much feel that whatever we do as uke, we'll do as nage (and vice versa). If anything, the mindset of "I'm not going to fall" seems very counterproductive in the long run to cultivate the resistive/reluctant aspects of ourselves -- which, for me at least, isn't something I'm working towards in my aikido training...

After all, for me, the "purpose" of being uke is the same as the "purpose" behind being nage -- to learn aikido.

Just my thoughts.

-- Jun

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