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Re: When to take a fall (it's not that simple!)

Phillip Armel wrote:
Hey, I have a questiong regarding when I should take a fall and when I should not. It seems like it's insutling not to the the fall? I'm not against taking a fall, it's just that if I don't feel the need to I wont. I have really good balanace and normally I can recove pretty darn well, not to brag or anything. Alot of people tell me "it's ok to take the fall" but geez, I don't tihnk I need to. The only time I take falls is when it's absoluetly nessecary. Does anyone got any adive on this, or any similiar experinces.
When you're just starting Aikido, there's a lot of cooperation and slow-motion training going on, for your sake and for the sake of your partner.

The more falls you do, the better.

You can not train like the rest of the students until your falling ability becomes reflexive.
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