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Freaky! Instructors first impressions turning away prospective students

I have been attending this school for a few years and it seems training has hit rock bottom and has dwindle the school attendance to nearly non existence. The are two instructors who teach on the weekend. One, old age just has him. He cannot perform techniques because he suffers from joint problems in every joint in his body but still tries to teach. No one really want to tell him to " retire "from teaching. The other intructor does not teach anything more than katate dori ikkyo and kaitenage. This has even caused another higher rank shinan in our organization instructor to publicly bad mouth our school quality which angered me and the chief instructor.
Whenever we get new prospective students who come to watch i never see them again. One even decided to leave after the instructor had us warming up for almost 40mins before actually practice time.(This is what he normally does). At one point i starting teaching and they havent ask me to teach since. The aikido i was first introduced to was being effective, technical and having fun while practicing not pretty dancing or talking about religion or how the earth revolves around the sun.
Could it be that they just really dont care since its a non profit dojo or are they just turning a blind eye as to maybe some more changes need to be made.Ive already brought up the need for "safer" training and not teaching dangerous things giving students false hope. I say more changes because the instructor is now teaching us a different style of aikido by watching it on youtube and teaching it to us even though we are under a different organization. He has no experience in this style. Maybe its time to pass the torch to the new generation? What are your thoughs on this?
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