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Re: "Competition"

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Chris, of course we can only write about what makes sense to us, and in my practice I have found that the further I stray from a mind of acceptance (including say, an acceptance that If I fight there is someone in the world who can beat me) the less likely I am going to experience the magnificence of an effortless manifestation of aikido. In my dojo, no one goes along with a throw and if I try to throw anyone the aikido will fail or both partners feel that force was used to obtain a result - a throw.
That's fine, of course, but that doesn't mean that other people don't have different experiences.

Corky Quakenbush wrote: View Post

As for whether Osensei was there and allowed that struggle to ensue in the "rendezvous with adventure", as brilliant as Osensei was if you read the biography in the book Aikido you can see a mere human trying to live up to his own visions and ideals, not a god (who like you and I, never shows one sign of hypocrisy or ego!). I can't imagine Osensei watching his student go at it with this brute from the U.S., pitting aikido against good old grab-and-throw-ya, and thinking "Yes! My student has found the essence of this art!" Can you? All I can imagine is that Osensei had retired for the day and that student was really lucky that Osensei never caught that show on netflix... lol
It's pretty well documented that Tohei engaged in the match with the full permission of Morihei Ueshiba. No need for imagination.



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