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While we're on this subject I have a question. I'm getting ready to order another hakama for iaido use (love my Bujin, but the aiki-koshita gets in the way of sayabiki), and plan to have this one embroidered. Is there a specific way to break up consonant combinations that don't work in Japanese? In other words, is there a preferred way to represent the Sn sound in my last name? I'm thinking su-ni-do - does that sound right?
That is indeed the way it would be. "u" is sometimes unvoiced in Japanese, so it's typically used to represent combinations. E.g., "sky" "sukai". "Class" "kurasu".

I expect to it get it to sound right, you'll have to put lengthing bars after the "ni" and the "do". Japanese vowels are quite clipped. I recommend:

スニードー su ni - do -

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