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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

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Again we get into a realm of fantasy and trust. "There are certain experts in certain areas who know more then you so trust them..."

Some people feel confidant that others can give them reassurances about what they can an cannot do. This is a fantasy based on a high level of comfortability with others telling you what is right and wrong.
I'm not sure why you opt for fantasy based on comfortability.
Is there a reason it has to be that way?
Why can't it include reality based on getting our ass handed to us by a superior skill set from someone we don't like very much and are un-comfortable with?

I don't know about you but I have met many men who knew more than me. and yes...I trusted them and learned from them, sometimes in areas I did not believe were going to work, and here is a key point: I could not make what they were teaching me work in freestyle fighting (at first) so I simply HAD to trust them in order to move forward. At one point I quit because I could not make it work. I later went back. So the key was indeed, trust.
I'm glad I did because I saved myself from turning into a strength based grappler, and from three different men; from wasting my time in the wrong direction with weapons.

Therein lies the problem. Without an educated opinion you can't know what "works" and what doesn't. Without an educated opinion you won't know when someone reaches "a certain level of exposure". You can't get an educated opinion without being in numerous armed conflicts. If you've been in numerous armed conflicts you don't need someone to tell you what "works".
Being in armed conflicts only teaches you the limits of what you know, not what the potentials are.
Case in point in umarmed conflict:
I am quite sure that Dan Severn would have lectured you till you fell asleep on his knowledge of what worked based on his experience. That ended in about three minutes witth a guy a hundred pounds less than him. What did HE learn? That in fact he did not know some very critical things..........

We take what we have learned somewhere and we test it and we draw conclusions. A broader range of exposure to other systems and other skilled men usually tends to temper us and grow us at the same time.

Reinvention V stumbling in the dark trying to find better solutions.
This is an interesting dilema I see repeated by all of us; young and old in martial arts. We/ they are convinced that testing leads to a knowledge of what works. Problem is what they are really testing is the limits of what they know and what they can make work. In many respects they are re-inventing the wheel while earnestly looking for solutions that many times have already been dicovered, codified, refined and vetted...through real combat in armed situations by many other men.
I propose that
a. They could have saved a shitload of time
b. They could have jumped light years ahead with new experimentation based on superior information leading to more sound conclusions from their very real future experimentation.
People do like to forge their own way through the weeds....
Instead of taking a well worn path
Oh well..

Speaking to my opinions on Aikido, I've been in numerous unarmed one-on-one conflicts, both in and out of the ring. I offer my opinion that Aikido is not an optimal system for these encounters. I usually follow this with, "try it out for yourself". I have done a large amount of sparring with weapons, mostly in controlled environments. I have found Aikido technique to be of great use in these situations, again I add "try it out for yourself".

So try it out for yourself.
Well, I am quite sure from our discussions in the past, that our experiences in training and learning are from very different sources of information.
Further, that our testing is of a different methodology.
We only ...finally...arrive at a similar end where we test full on.
But, interestingly, I have not gleaned the same results and opinions as you, and yet oddly enough we are both going at it with and without armor right?
So how do you explain our different results and opinions if all testing is supposed to arrive at the same conclusions.... of what works?
Just say'n

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