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Re: Baseline skillset

I'm working so I can't write just now.
Fighting is fighting, Dave. Its why I -always- seperate it out from body work. I've met a few CMA guys with decent structure, even in practical use, but we both knew I could take them apart were we to go at it. And then there are guys without internal skills per se who can, I am quite sure take me apart. It doesn't deny the validity of the training method. But in the end fighting skill is just that. The real question is how to make me a better me. Wtether fighting, hiking, lifting or moving.
Now that said Internal skills will skew that to an internal artists advantage in a huge way depending on their skil level, thats all.

Actually I NEVER said you can't learn parts of internal skill through paired training. You just keep saying I did. I keep saying its the slow way. I just said it a few posts back. The problem is everyone goes through "Man, everything scame together for me" days in the dojo, when they could be defining and working specifics to make that" coming together a regular event. Better still, that there are methods to target train the body that you don't have to maybe or maybe not "Find" one day in the dojo. It makes rising to master class a much shorter road whatever your chosen art may be.

You also keep saying Rob, Mike, and I try to say this training is something new when all three of us say just the opposite. That it's old, its known, but not openly taught when it could be. Sometimes I worry you're not reading what I saying. Case in point, I said the feldenkras guy and I were NOT...NOT...fighting!! Your retort was I would have learned something if I stiopped fighting him. To be clear he was telling me he could show me a better way to move that ewould handle guys trying force on me-this after he watched me do so. His methods failed over and over against me. So Why would I use something I can stop. Add to that another fellow I met with the same results. Now I met two Chinese teachers who had a great deal of trouble moving me but who's methods were logical and very sound. And one of thme had power (at 70) unlike any I had felt before. So, I'd just rather keep doing what I am doing and then adding things from guys who got the stuff and are willing to share. Not from guys who think they do.

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