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Ron Tisdale
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I really think that last post sums it up pretty well. Its not that the things we practice in the dojo aren't usefull...its just that the real thing isn't likely to follow that format at all. And the number of "knife specialists" would probably be surprising. SEAsian and Indonesian martial arts have taken off quite a bit lately, and there are a lot of people who have picked up more than enough to be very dangerous with a knife. And that's not even mentioning creative people practicing on their own, or other NA traditions.

My own experience is limited in that area, but even before I was graded in aikido, I could reverse a blade from a thrust grip and slice yudansha instructors pretty much at will. And that with little "official" training in knife work. If this topic is how to deal with real attacks, I don't see how we can avoid this reality.

As to knocking the knife out of their hand...was that supposed to be with a stick? Or barehanded? And please don't tell me someone was thinking of using a kick...


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