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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier at 2013 World Combat Games

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Well, one person's precise and detailed is another's robotic and dead. We all value different things and strive for different things, and put various things we value in a different order of priority. So he's right, it's basically inevitable that any video demo that one person sees as an ideal will be seen by at least one other person as a perfect example of what not to do (I have never yet seen a counterexample to this) or even as 'what's wrong with a lot of aikido today'. I have no idea if there's any solution to that, as just praising everything you see or never talking about things you don't like would probably be even worse.
The solution is to say (ideally just to yourself) "I don't get it." Let me say that again, with the emphasis where it belongs: "I don't get it." Or perhaps, "I don't get it yet." Just because one doesn't see the value in something at first glance, doesn't mean that no value exists. But people would rather issue snap judgments than exercise patience and consider the possibility that the deficiency may be in their understanding, rather than in the thing that they don't understand the first nanosecond they look at it. If I hadn't been willing to say "I don't get it yet", I would have quit aikido the first day.
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