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Re: Aikido and Music

Unfortunately, I rarely look in here due to the fact that my posts usually are not reciprocated. Nevertheless, music and aikido have always played a big role in my life. May I begin by saying that a few years ago I became fascinated by Carlos Saura's film "Tango". Since then, tango has become my other passion (after aikido) and of course its history is not foreign to me. What was a mystery to me, is the message that till 1930 dancing the tango was by men only (and in suspicious places); men still of course interested in women. To get to the heart of the matter I even went to Buenos Aires and met there with outstanding representatives of the art of tango.

As it turned out, the tango has its roots in the environment of gauchos, local cowboys, for which the last argument in squabbles was a knife. They spent hours on tedious exercises in a knife's fighting, mostly on techniques' repetitions. To kill the boredom they began doing their exercises accompanied by music with a highly variable rate. Maybe it is a reason that in today's Argentinian Tango we can observe the rigorous rule: men lead, women follow. Uke attacks, and the tori avoids the attack, moving in a certain way but always being in close contact.

If we now associate the basic aikido attacks with knife's cuts and thrusts, it imposes the same thought. In aikido the most important thing is not to be touched before doing a technique. With this skill a man is not born, and unfortunately today's methodology of aikido teaching is not conducive to learning it. I decided to solve that issue by developing an hour aikido class which is accompanied by 21 music hits, including mainly Argentinian Tango, and it always starts with the Relax Taiso. But that's another story.
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