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Aikido and Music

Some shallow data mining here on AikiWeb brings up these recent posts related to Aikido and Music:

In the thread "Internal strength/aiki vs. mechanically efficient movement?"
Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I think what you are describing is a major part of internal martial arts.

I think, "Aiki" is different than what you described. I believe "Aiki" is non physical. But non magical as well. Aiki is what musicians use in order to play music together, not physical, but not magical either.
And the thread "Musical aiki?" at

Clearly, there's been more interest in relating music to Aikido here on AikiWeb than I was aware of when I started this thread. Lends evidence to the belief that Aiki Music is a topic which enjoys a small but dedicated interest group among aikidoka around the globe. In any case, here's a link to another bit of "Pure Aiki Music" I hope people will respond to positively.

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