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Re: Aikido Aikibojitsu and the Structure of Natural Law


in terminology that I understand,

Tenyu Hamaki wrote: View Post
The theoretical foundation of aikido and its mastery is very simple and can be taught in precision much like music theory, practicing and achieving it is a different story of course. Nage cannot violate the implicit demand nor the harmonic resonant frequency of uke(or the staff if one wishes to practice O Sensei's aikibojitsu) as the universe is governed by natural law. So in technical terms nage is bound by uke's frequency, nage has no choice in the path, timing, and energy to respond with in order to find the truly unassailable position. The relationship between uke and nage is mapped out by the following graphs where nage is the sine wave(the initial point being 0 completely neutral) and uke is the cosine wave(the intial point being 1 manifesting attack).

If nage is absolutely non-resistant(yet grounded) then nage will always lead uke with a 90 degree phase shift in time, where uke has no potential for kaeshiwaza and nage has the option of presenting uke with a throw at 90, 270, 450, 630 degrees, and so on which can all be a terminal point in nage's expression of peak intensity during that particular cycle. Essentially uke has to deal with infinity then if nage chooses the exponential over linear path. In practice, uke doesn't have to worry too much about it because gravity will eventually bring uke down from the throw, however far that may be, and flying through the air is a much better alternative than having to run into nage's fist. My sensei tells me during his prime his staff would literally break in half from striking hyperbolically to nothing more than an asympototic plane in the air. Mastering aikido requires an understanding of the universe. Hikitsuchi Sensei said if your heart is not correct your technique cannot be correct, if you do not practice masakatsu agatsu then you will either consciously or unconsciously impose your personal desires hence resistance into the pre-determined preformal role of nage. Modern society teaches us freedom lies in having choices, while aikido teaches us freedom lies in understanding the universe already made the choices for us while giving us the ability to manifest them totally non-resistively and beautifully. It's no surprise the martial aspect is such a small subset of aikido, it's religion by definition.

Tenyu "the aikido geek" Hamaki
When two waves meet you get a third resultant wave that is a different phase and amplitude of the original waves. The resultant wave is dependent on the phase and amplitude difference of the two original waves.

Using the following website could you point out the resultant wave form?


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