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Re: The same basic teaching

Here is an idea of how some basic stuff crosses arts and cultures. This guy taught in Japan for 11 years. Among his students were 2 of Sagawa's long time students. He is a very interesting and wonderful man with some intriguing ideas of his own about Daito Ryu and Internal Chinese arts. The spirals the arts share are evident and so is the rising and sinkling energy. There is some interesting things to watch at 2:07, 2:15 to around 2:28, 2:52 or so re: rising and sinking energy. Somemight find some relation to the outer form in Tenchi nage. What is not seen is the spiraling energy happening inside.

Other things are evident in his body turns even into Judo style positioning and steps at about 1:00 in (if you can imagine gi or arm grabbing in his hands and other finishes involving the left leg or hip) -but there is no correlation to what judo does in that step V ChengDe's taiji, though there could be if one new what to do. A steo is not always a step, a turn not always the same turn.
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