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Re: Feelings on "open mat" policy

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Well, I guess I didn't look at it from that light. I kind of looked at it as someone in an aikido dojo was asked to spar, and when they did, they kind of beat the training partner up. They didn't just bounce them around, they didn't throw them, they didn't just stop their throws...they kind messed them up a bit. It's not clear how much from the post.

I'm asking was what happened a "challenge"? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with a challenge...I am asking if there WAS one to begin with. And if not, is what happened appropriate to no challenge to begin with?

Hi Bud
I was addressing the OP. It was pretty clear and definitive in that the 6th dan said anyone could test his aikido and then he went on to discuss MMA types (whatever that means these days) who looked down upon his teacher.
While most tend to see my input as negative toward aikido they completely miss the many times I argue FOR aikido. I state over and over that "Aikido can be one of the most powerful arts in the world." ....just not in the hands or with the practices of most in the art I have ever seen or felt. It comes to its own only with the aiki used in te aikido of the founder. Which is on another planet from everyone I continue to meet in the art. So the idea of open mat really is a non-starter for discussion to me. It should be a pre-requisite.

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