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Re: The same basic teaching

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Hi Mark,

I'm with Allen as well. But I do understand your position...

R (as always, thanks to Jun for giving us a place to even have this discussion)

Mark , Ron

And isn't that really saying something? That Jun clearly disagrees that this belongs in the discussions of aikido-or at least feels the jury is still out. At least he--contrary to many other admin- makes room for the discussion anyway? What does that say about him? I think that's pretty good.
So while I share your frustration - it can't be helped.

It will remain an interesting dilemma to see just how many Aikido teachers it takes to make the larger body of practitioners aware that they have been had by the Japanese, or in other cases that the information just honestly wasn't even known.

I think the smart people are going to begin asking why Ikeda, Gleason, Ledyard, and lower level teachers like Liberti Grimaldi, Chiapetta, the D.C and Virginia camps, the Seattle groups etc. who have all pursued this training for their aikido. Add to that a few from Daito ryu who have and do train with the top men in the world and their opinions on this being "aiki" as well. Others will just blindly follow and "trust sensei" like they have always done.

Maybe it will take a few hundred more teachers showing up and blowing away the Japanese shihan and or stopping them in their tracks before Japan, the Americans and everyone else finally wakes up and smells the coffee...or maybe not.
And of the teachers training this way; you are just simply going to get a whole bunch who cannot get out of their own way and will revert back to muscling through or others who are just plain lazy and who have convinced themselves..and their students that -they- get it, and will more than likely do more harm than good.
Then we have the good news-others who will do the work with their students and may change the face of aikido forever.
But can't convince the whole world -so why bother trying. Focus on yourself and the few who are willing to do the work.

Everyone has an opinion, every opinion has weight and qualative merit; theirs yours, mine, whatever.
If it bothers you so much-do what I do...TRAIN
When you are ready... let the doubters and debaters lay hands on you. When they and their teachers can't do a damn thing to you at all, At least then they will know the real "value" of their opinions on these matters.
In the mean time there is a whole lot of personal training to do and a whole bunch of people who ARE pursuing this training to test. train and learn from.

One of my teachers laid down a challenge to those who wanted to walk down the path of shugyo in their training.

"Everyone talks
You shugyo
Years go by
People are still talking
Then you get up to demonstrate
Then everyone knows the truth."

So we sweat...........and fail and sweat some more.

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