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Re: Feelings on "open mat" policy

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
I will only "answer" challenges (either in the dojo that I run or I train in) if I know the person and have worked with them. A level of mutual respect and a believe that the person can safely take what is going to be dished out (on both sides) are minimum requirements.
Ha. I don't even let people on the mat (or get on theirs) if I don't have that relationship of mutual respect and more than that, a mutual understanding of the rules of engagement.

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
Both Nage and Uke have a great deal of responsibility in order to train seriously, without having to engage in competition with one another.
This is why, because, IMO, to really get somewhere in our training, competition is necessary. Competition in the cooperative sense.. sometime now being called coopetition, which is both silly and an understandable attempt to elucidate the difference.

With respect to waivers, IANAL, but they do not prevent anyone from suing, but they can provide evidence that the signer was made aware of the risks and entered into an agreement to 'not sue'. That CAN cause a case to be dismissed eventually (and I've heard of such cases), but a waiver, no matter what it says, will not protect someone who is negligent or abusive in their actions.

The reality is that FEAR of lawsuits has far more effect on most people than actual, real lawsuits.

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