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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

First off. Honestly, I doubt any high ranking BJJ is going around looking to submit Aikidoka or picking fights to show off to their friends.. Although I do notice more thug like mentality in some lower rank BJJ practioners.

If your gonna be fighting a BJJ in his game......better learn some BJJ!! I think that is the only way to learn defense and what NOT to do in that situation. If they grab you and take you down your in big trouble. BJJ people have great endurance so don't expect them to tire before you. I think Aikidoka would tire first generally.

Learn to sprawl. Atemi with Knees to the face, elbows etc.. Learn to move (which as an Aikidoka you should be comfortable with). Keep moving is your best defense probably. A good rocking knee to the face as they come in...would probably end it right there. If you miss, your screwed. Eye gouges...ear grabs. Eyes are eyes and soft tissue is soft tissue. Doesn't matter what art you do. If your being attacked and your life is in holds barred until you feel you can safely deal with the attacker. At that point, no need to be brutal.

Lastly, and this is somewhat tongue in cheek but a criticism I've seen of BJJ. BJJ isn't very effective against more than 1 person! Kind of hard for them to submit you if your buddy is tap dancing on their head with a steel toe boot. BJJ really falls short on the multiple attacker scenario side. At least Aikidoka train for it. Whether you can actually pull it off is another story, but at least Aikido aknowledges that if your attacked it usually is by more than one person in a street situation.

I think overall Aikido is a better package than BJJ in the sense of atemi-waza, flowing movement, multiple attacker scenarios, weapons, and spiritual awareness. After 35....who needs the injuries!! I would be bored and a little uncomfortable rolling around on a mat with a sweaty neanderthal for 2 hours.

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