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Re: Body, mind, and spirit

As I stated earlier, it was a major breath of fresh air to be teaching aikido in Japan to 'ordinary' Japanese, such as their 'western' counterparts would make up the population of an average dojo in the UK or the Netherlands, which are the two countries with which I am most familiar (having born in one one and having taught aikido in the other).

The oldest member of the dojo is in his eighties, and the youngest are two twin boys, aged nine. We meet, we warm up, we practice and we go home again. The only talking that occurs is when I go round the dojo, checking what people are doing, and make a few comments at the end -- and I have never, ever, used any of the usual Japanese terms for 'spiritual' in English.

Bernd used an aphorism of Heraclitus (panta rei), but he was part of a tradition in Greek philosophy and was followed by Parmenides, who said something quite different. Since I have done philosophy for years (including such philosophy as the Japanese have produced), I do not take him too seriously.

Finally, this is addressed to Bernd: Have you come across the works of James Heizig or Thomas Kasulis? They have produced an interesting sourcebook of Japanese philosophy. It covers the whole range and is arranged in terms of 'traditions'. It is part of the Nanzan Library of Asian Religion and Culture.

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