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Re: Body, mind, and spirit

First, I think the romanticizing (and appropriation) of the attractive elements of aikido have lead to misunderstanding of body, mind, and spirit. Mostly, I say this to reinforce the earlier posts.

I remember talking to a Buddhist once who very politely reminded me that spirituality in Buddhism is not the same spirituality in Christianity. I think we (aikido) throw around spirituality without really knowing what we are talking about. I am a Christian, my belief of spirituality is different than the spirituality of a Shinto Japanese culture. Western culture has kinda generically allowed spirituality to morph into whatever description its user likes. It leaves us with thoughts of incredulity when someone says she believes in ghosts, but a totally pass when someone tells us she is becoming more spiritual.

I have beaten up on spiritual comments on this forum. I think attaching pseudo philosophy to aikido is cultish at worst and difficult at best. I don't believe aikido has been (or will be) a compass of behavior. Not that people aren't free to pursue what they want, but its pretty murky stuff to discuss.

Jon Reading
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