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Smile Re: Body, mind, and spirit

For me, I have focused a lot on my mind, and personally independently explored the spiritual side a little bit on my own. I was missing the physical aspect, and it has stagnated during my intense academic studies during my twenties. I wanted to do something that fundamentally didn't focus on hurting or damaging other people, including opponents. I also wanted to focus on allowing things to flow, another fundamental aspect I need to work on. I found aikido to be the best for fulfilling all these criteria. Trying to connect with the world or universe is too big and ambitious a goal for me; I would be deeply satisfied if I can just truly tap into it briefly. Everything else, including the social, martial, and self defense aspects were extra bonuses to me.

I never had any formal training in martial arts prior to aikido. It was lovely to learn and practice over the years. I very rarely missed a day of training that my sensei has offered. I am just a bit sad I haven't been able to do regular training or practice with others for almost a year now. My life is still moving on, despite the many things that happened to me this year.

Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you Stefan for sharing.
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