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I just helped my friend find a local place to learn Jeet Kune Do and in my search I came across the art of Aikido and became interested. My mom would also like it if I got another activity other then friends and the computer. She tried to get me into Kung fu but that wasnt my style. I didnt like the whole focus on kicking and punching, the whole idea of hurting people even though it was self defense. In my readings about Aikido I found alot of topics on throws and such. Id prefer to throw my opponent and if need be hit them with a fist or a kick but mainly if i could sideswipe there attack and throw them to the ground Id feel alot better.

I know there are different versions of Aikido and I was curious if anyone who takes a certain style of this martial art if they could tell me about their training routine as in what "moves" you learn, if they are physical blow oriented or more tossing your opponent. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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