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Re: Automatic External Defibrillators

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am personally trained in AED/CPR, so am quite familiar with them. Just wondering if anyone has them as a part of their dojo emergency medical protocol. They are rapidly becoming the standard of care. Unfortunately, our dojo simply cannot afford one right now, barring some sort of grant. And Michael is right...not all rhythms are shockable, and the one he mentions (asystole - no rhythm whatsoever) is not even shockable by those professional, gee-whiz defibrillators you see on "ER." There has to be something there to shock. That's why they're called "defibrillators." They only work on hearts that are in ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. The thing is, CPR will not get hearts in those two conditions back into normal rhythm, and if they are not brought back into normal rhythm, the patient will die. On top of that, in even the best cases, studies show that for every minute that defibrillation is delayed, you give up 10% of your chance of survivability. Even in a developed area with modern EMS available, how much time expires from the time the patient collapses until EMS can arrive and apply defibrillation? Patient collapses, someone evaluates them and makes a decision to call 911, call is received at the dispatch center, call is radioed to the EMS provider, EMS provider rolls, EMS arrives at scene, does their own evaluation, decides to deploy defibrillator. Do you think that might take 5 minutes? I think that would be generous. Regardless, you've just cut your patient's chance of survival by 50%! And I hope it never happens at our dojo (it has in the past), but if it did I would certainly not think we had "wasted" our money! That said, this disclaimer: I do not work for an AED manufacturer or retailer! I'm just a believer who is disappointed that our dojo can't afford one. I will shut up now!
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