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Re: YouTube: Christian Tissier, 2014

Markus Rohde wrote: View Post
Shiho nage was created for breaking elbows.
If you cannot see this any more, it's no shiho nage.
But I never heard about that Tissier broke any elbow. There were others who damged people.

Tissier talks about that.
But it's ok for a skilled uke to be thrown like that, because he is able to protect himself. If he couldn't do, Tissier wouldn't throw him like that.
It's about being not afraid and keeping the body relaxed. For me it's an important part of the development in Aikido.
Dear Markus,

Taking your viewpoint to the extreme if Shiho Nage was developed to break elbows why not do this currently to students?I do not think any uke would appreciate a broken elbow.Our Health Cetres would be overwhelmed .Its not about being afraid or relaxed its about teachers using common sense and safe practice.If Tissier or anbody else took a beginner and threw him like shown would the junior survive? I think not. Cheers, Joe.
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