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Re: Atemi and Aikido

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I'm saying that encounters with just one fully committed strike don't happen that often - and if they do they tend to be fairly low level.

I think that it's a long way from combinations and jabs to sport fighting, there's a whole world in between.

Anyway, by "relying" I meant that if that's how you train then that's how you'll end up.

For technical basics - the strikes are (or should be) all in the technical basics, all in the same basic method of body usage, if you've got one you've got the other, IMO.


I'm not sure I can credit what you are saying well enough to really respond. Seems like encounters with no fully committed strikes can and should be exited.

How about you rely on, say, throwing or taking the attacker down so you can get yourself a moment to escape the situation you are in? Or just stab the guy or something. I don't think getting into a boxing match on the street is the revolutionary new self-defense idea of the 21st century that those medieval Asians were too stuck on tradition to imagine.
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