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Re: Kodo Horikawa's aiki

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
Janet, to my knowledge the latissimus dorsi and triceps muscles do not participate in shoulder (glenohumeral) flexion, i.e, raising the upper arm in front of the body.

The lats do play a role in scapular depression and retraction, which are very important movements, but neither will raise your arm.

I don't mean to be too sarcastic or give anyone a hard time. Martial arts aside, I am fascinated by the movement of the human body. I just think we should expect a much higher level of clarity and accuracy in our discussion. It can only be to everyone's benefit.
No offense taken, Michael. I'm hoping that at a Calif aikiweb meetup (Labor Day wkend? Aikido of Diablo Valley?) kinesiology, ground paths, etc will be some of the things we informally play with.

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