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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
That said, don't show up high, drunk, or otherwise in any other state that causes you impairment of your senses and expect me to practice with you.
Actually, in Japan, there's quite a tradition of occasionally training while blasted drunk--at least once or twice--so that you know what your performance will be like if you're ever attacked after you've been to one of those obligatory gut-busting drunk-fests the Japanese have almost every night after work.

I trained with a prison guard for a long time and one night he showed up stinking drunk. I was a bit frightened of training with him in that state but fortunately, he didn't get unusually aggressive. Mostly, he seemed to hover on the edge of puking and he sweated a lot and clearly didn't enjoy the process.

Another time, Mochizuki Sensei invited me to drink some sake with a guest of his very shortly before class was to begin. I always led the first hour of class in those days, so I declined but Sensei actually seemed a bit disappointed. Maybe he just wanted to see me puke!!! I did a lot of bowing and gomen nasaiing and went and got my gi and got ready for class.

And as I mentioned in another thread where this was discussed, I remember reading Ellis Amdur's comments somewhere about getting stoned with Terry Dobson (at the Bond Street Dojo, I think) and training together. I'm not recommending anything, but maybe we should solicit his thoughts on this.

Best to all.


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