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Goldsbury Peter (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
I have some sympathy for Moriteru Doshu. As a knowing Japanese friend said to me, Moriteru being Doshu is like a new wife being married into a traditional Japanese family, but with about 20 mothers-in-law, who all watch his every move. Of course, it was probably even more difficult for Kisshomaru in 1969, coming after his father.
For sure I wouldn't want the Job .
Goldsbury Peter (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
Anyway, for me titles like shihan etc do not matter, but fairness--Japanese and non-Japanese aikidoka being treated equally by the Aikikai--does matter.
I agree - if you're going to use a title (any title) then it ought to be applied equally across the board or there are inevitably going to be problems.



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