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Re: What is "IT"?

Dan Harden wrote:
There is no need to debate you or anyone. Again for me- one hundred thousand words ends in one...Duh! Once we touch hands.
Then why post anything, at all ? If discussions served no purpose, then this forum would be useless to you. But you do. So I conclude it has own usefulness despite being more ephemeral, and will continue to use it, as you do. Your consensus is narrow, and 59K views on my paltry eight blog posts (outside of your "proprietary" discussions") distinctly suggest the "consensus" is toward perceived usefulness of this forum for such purposes. I could be wrong, though.

David Orange wrote: View Post
You will find that, when you're not talking and people are not talking to or about YOU that we get into some deep discussions of methods
If that is so, then perhaps pick something out of your deep discussion of method that shows something I have described as wrong. That way those who are liable to be misled by my pointless musings will not be led astray before they can get me on the ignore list so as to avoid soiling themselves with impure thoughts.

For instance, Ark (only because his are available) and his shaking demonstration. I see applied resonance, illustrated in aiki-taiso of furitama and tekubi furi, and -- in a far more concentrated way -- in the most effective atemi, which he also demonstrates. His connected manipulations -- are similarly, no mystery, nor hard to do, once understood and trained. Doesn't mean they are trivial, or that his training method does not have value just because I understand what he is doing.

Here, try the form, fill in the brackets with some of the deep discussion I have been apparently missing and help people understand how wrong and idiotic I am. It would do them a service, really...

"No, that cannot be right, because [this] works [this] way and [that] works [the other way] and here is [an example]: ___????___".


Erick Mead
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