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Personally I don't see how that is much worse than saying someone is a dinosaur or saying they have nothing to contribute to a conversation.
Well not really.
a. Dinosaurs
They are extinct. Aikido as it is currently practiced is going to be replaced by aikido with aiki. It will still be aikido- just done with exponentially more power and control-like the founder had. So those who turn their back on internal training for aiki will in fact be headed the way of the dinosaurs. Hence accurate assessment of current events -not spurious insult.
b. Having nothing to contribute
The discussion of internal power is a subject that is known and has given attributes. There are now any number of aikido teachers and students who are training this way and they can all talk -one to another. Eric has demonstrated that he has no clue in his descriptions and (to no ones surprise) that he doesn't have one clue in real life either. Hence accurate assessment of current events -not spurious insult.
c. His continued and unwelcome presence in threads on a subject he knows nothing about reveals a lot about his character. It does not however make him a receptacle for vaginal cleansing fluid. Which was your less than accurate description of his behaviours and arguments.

So do you think he's arguing just to argue at this point? At a certain point you have to wonder. There is a consensus between what you, Mike, and Rob say, there are people that have meant you that back up you can do what you say, there is someone that says Erick can't, ad nausea. Any time there is an interesting IS question Erick will post something on the thread about the human resonance frequency, and then all that happens is there are 15 pages of people arguing with him. What was it, 5 pages back on this thread was a nice answers for what 'IT' is...Maybe he likes the attention?
Anyway, off to work.
I cannot possibly fathom why he continues to embarrass himself this way, and remain oblivious to how he looks. Moreover, in the face of an ever mounting consensus (of a 100% conversion rate among Aikido teachers and students once they feel it) his argument and others are looking desperate, if not foolish.
The answer to him shipwrecking threads is to put him on the ignore list and stop pasting his quotes in replies. Thus to those who know or are interested in the topics, he becomes a non-entity.

If you think about it the uninformed alternate reality counter "arguments" will vanish to those wishing to have a discussion and for others the Alternate Reality arguments are then reduced to the comic relief that they are. There will be IT discussions and AR discussions!

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