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Aikido. The Martial Art.

I have only studied Aikido for 2 years (i have prior training in other MA too), but i study diligently and i train hard. So please judge my post accordingly.

Now, for my question and my reason for making a post:

I have thought a lot recently about sparring in general and its affects with Aikido; and YES i have sparred other MA practitioners, including MMA guys (just to experiment). And, after my experiences with that, and just my thoughts on Aikido in general, i can't get away from the thoughts of how deadly Aikido really is. I mean, in sparring with other martial arts, you hit, punch and kick them to make your point (and yes you can do that as well with Aikido), but with our chosen Martial Art, if you spar with someone else from another MA, I believe that the only way to really win (by using Aikido) would be to severely injure them. I just don't see a standing submission happening too often in sparring, they wont want to give up, you would have to really crank something on them and break something to win, that, or throw them to the floor; but even with that, you can most certainly, and probably would injure them.

I am not saying that Aikido is meant to be brutal and hurtful, I'm just saying that from my point of view, that is how it would have to end up if someone was really trying to injure you, or if your only objective was to win at any cost necessary.

I'm just trying to see if anyone see's my point of view as flat out wrong, or if anyone feels the same way as I do. That Aikido is a very deadly and effective martial art.

Rei, Domo,

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