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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

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To stay on topic... I am yet to see a BJJ technique that I have not seen done by Mifune, or Kawaishi or in Kosen Judo. The techniques are nothing new to me. I would say there may be some slight difference, leading to variations etc.
Paging Mr Fooks....Mr Micheal Fooks...

In the mean time....enjoy this idiotically long thread

The info you're after is from Frank Benn, from post 430 onwards. I can't load the whole thing because it makes my browser crash!

Note: this is a very old thread....BJJ has since progressed.

Hence the reason I suggest judo to deal with BJJ. The standing techniques will also help your aikido, as will the fact that you get a resisting opponent.

(Remember we have to stay on topic )

My overall recommendation would be for judo as well. Great standup, pretty good groundwork. With BJJ, there's a fair to middling chance you'd get little to no standing with great groundwork.

Horses for courses - YMMV
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