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Brian Vickery
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Re: Aikido Today Magazine Quitting!

The letter I have states the following:

The Final Issue!
Aikido Today Magazine #100
Dear Faithful Readers,

Please join me in celebrating the completion of my first step in aiki service - Aikido Today Magazine -- and the beginning of my next step - Aiko Institute. It is time for a bitter-sweet parting with largely unprofitable and very demanding friend: Aikido Today Magazine. My husband and I have tirelessly labored away for the past 18 years on a mission to free Aikido by providing a place for all Aikido students from every kind of practice to meet one another on the mat. Our calendar of events was the centerpiece of Aikido's liberation. (Please see my article in ATM #99 for the longer story.) But now students are free to train most everywhere, and information is abundant. The mission has been accomplished and now it is time for us to move on.

My next step is Aiko Institute; an educational non-profit institute. So, I am not, by any means, leaving the aikido community. Rather I am moving onto an even larger endeavor aimed at bringing Aikido into the world. Aiko Institute will secure a respectable place for Aikido in this country as well creating an aikido library and archive for research. Already Aiko Institute has held over 30 workshops; many with notable Aikido sensei.

But transitions are difficult and expensive. Please support and join me in this movement. Subscribe to the last 2 issues and read my article in the next issue about this fantastic Aiki journey. I value you, my subscribers, and hope that you will support ATM to the end.

Susan Perry, Editor, Aikido Today Magazine

Brian Vickery

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