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Re: Chen Style Seminar Video

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I'm referring from 3:00-3:17 where he gets popped up while in what they refer to as seiuchin stance in isshinryu, but looks sort of like mabu, to where he does his knee up knee down twist to the left.
The reason he gets 'popped up' at that point is because is trying to demonstrate the structural flaws of that isshinryu stance. He then demonstrates the knee up/knee down turn and tells him he can even take a step toward him.

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
I'f I was splitting as Chalandra later demos at the 3:45 marker, I'd prefer to have more of the force going into the front foot, anyone have ideas why that might be the case? I'm not arguing that it should always be the case, but how might the pusher percieve the push differently if it came from the front rather than the back in what Chalandra is demoing. If Chalandra is "Splitting" could he do the same sort of thing by picking up the rear leg?
Can you do that?

Everything I have heard always says that the power comes from the rear foot. Sure you can have power in the front foot as well if you like, to be more stable and prepared for a sudden pull, but he is showing one specific principle and the mobility and agility of it by lifting his foot. There are many MANY variations and different ways of absorbing/neutralizing/redirecting a force/push. I never assumed this was his only method of dealing with a push/force coming into him.

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Keeping in mind what I said earlier about staying under, why does Chalandra show a twist or turn inwards? What does that result in, what does it mean that he is doing?

What about the whole knee up knee down thing? What does that indicate?
Indicates he is demonstrating rotation and turning on a fixed axis like he said he was?

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
In the aggregate is this what the big name Chen's are demoing which seems to be the kind of gold standard for IS?

Goodness gracious, there are a ton of things we could talk about in this video, but there is kind of a logic which needs to be followed and which people should explain when they comment favorably or otherwise in this video. Doesn't really matter who you are. Otherwise its kind of a whole, hey guys this is cool without anyone really learning anything.

Brett, what do you see going on at 3:45?
Considering that he is not a big name Chen, no I dont think this is what the big name Chen's are demoing because this is just a student with student level (rudimentary) skills.

He popped up in his demo though, so I agree.. this guy does not have a clue!! Trying to demonstrate basic principles to beginner students in an introductory class? pretty much a big waste of time. If he cant even successfully demonstrate most of the different variations (among dozens) of absorbing and neutralizing a push, then this is a sad display indeed.

His mechanics are clearly flawed.

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