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Re: What does O Sensei's name mean?

Tom G (IrimiTom) wrote:
For you Japanese speakers out there, can someone tell me what Morihei means in Japanese?

While you're at it, can you also tell me what the other two Doshu's names mean?

I've tried to search the web for these but they don't seem to be popular names (for the westerners who make the websites at least )
Well, as Joe suggested, 'Morihei' means 'abundant peace'. Here are the other names (your computer needs a Japanese language capability to get all the kanji).

Ueshiba A

A = ue: to plant or sow

= shiba: lawn, an area of grass.

So: Ueshiba means 'planting a lawn'.


(read as 'mori'; there are other meanings depending on how the Chinese character is read) = good measure.

= hei: peaceful.

So: 'Morihei' means 'peace in good measure'.

Kisshomaru gˊ

g = kichi, kitsu: luck; an occasion of joy.

= sho: happiness

= maru: full; perfection, purity; also used as a suffix for the name of a ship and, in ancient times, after the name of a sword or child.

So: 'Kisshomaru' means (something like) 'abundant happiness / luck'. The name was suggested by Onisaburo Deguchi.

Moriteru 牛

mori = defend, protect, preserve.

teru = middle (however, 'teru' is a reading not found in dictionaries of modern Japanese).

So: Moriteru means (something like): 'preserving the centre'.

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