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Re: Teachine outline needed

James McDermott wrote: View Post
Hi all,
I was wondering if someone could post or recommend a teaching outline. Both daily and yearly, heres what im looking for.

1- A good breakdown of a class.
- Warmup
- Meditation
- Techniques
- Warmdown
2- Yearly, What im looking to do with a class for the long run. Meaning what to work on to build certain skills and techniques.

Sorry for being so direct...
Thank you,
This will vary Im sure, and I will summarize my ideas like this:

1- warmup, but dont spend half the class doing it... [we tend to over warmup, in the summer its a bit too much.]

2- meditation, when you sit in seiza, its up to you how long this is... but you can feel when people start to drop their buzzing minds.
3- Techniques
You should have time for:
a. beginners
b. mixed
c. advanced kyu ranks

This all depends on how many days you practice, if you only meet twice a week, then you can divide the time up in half to focus on specific training. [something I wish we would do as we tend to be left without focusing on the material relevant to our kyu rank]

4. Warmdown...
Sometimes we take turns loading one another on our backs to stretch. Even doing some slower techniques to match the flow of uke and tori can be good.

Again, you ultimately will go with the flow of your dojo.
I suppose if I had a dojo I would eventually have it broken up further for those who want to keep Aikido more of a fluid movement, and then have another class where its a bit more rough/live, as it were. [some grappling, etc.]



Also, if your starting a dojo, good to have some experience behind you - not sure how much you have, but the experience you have will tend to lend itself to how you will structure your dojo I believe.

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